Criss Cross Rope Braids

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First I just need to let ya know that I haven’t heard back from the winner of the 3rd pack of circus tickets. So if you entered last week’s giveaway – go see if you’re the winner over HERE!

So – This isn’t the hairstyle I wanted to post today, but as I’m trying to limit my time on the computer due to this headache that is not letting go, you get a short tut’ today – and sorry there’s not really step by step pictures from me. Nothing really new here – in fact it’s simply a twisted version of THIS Hair Today’s style from ages ago — it’s seriously one of my fav’s! I don’t know why I think it is just so stinkin’ cute to have those little “piggies” sticking out from the sides of the head. Maybe it sort of makes them look “little” again (when all they had was 1 or 2 spouts of hair coming off their head!) & sometimes I like that! And I guess these have been on my mind lately since I did THIS on Goose a while back.

Step 1 –  Part the hair from front to back

Part it however you like – straight – off center – zig zag. I did it off center on top & then zig-zagged down the back.

Step 2 –  Make 2 pony tails

Make each of them into a rope/twist braid. Go HERE if you need help on rope braiding. Secure the twists with rubber bands – leaving a bit at each end for a “tail.”

Step 3 – Cross the rope braids to opposite sides

Pull the left twist over to the right side & secure with a rubberband to the base of the right ponytail. Then pull the right twist over to the left side. Pull the tail of the right twist through the rubber band at the base of the left ponytail. This will hold it in place. If you need to see step-by-step pictures – refer back to Hair Today!

Criss Cross Rope Braids (2)

Criss Cross Rope Braids (3)

And see — there’s something about this style …. you let her have cute little piggies sticking out on the sides and she even starts acting silly & won’t do a normal smile!

Criss Cross Rope Braids (4)

Criss Cross Rope Braids (5)

Criss Cross Rope Braids (6)

Curl the tails of each twist that stick out on the sides, add a little flower & you’re good to go. We had so many people at the store comment on how cute her hair was! This one’s always a crowd pleaser!

Criss Cross Rope Braids (7)

Don’t forget, this week is our last giveaway for the circus. So if you’ve yet to see how you can enter — head over to Hairland’s Shareland for details.

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  1. Miss R. says:

    that is the cutest!!! she has such a pretty hair color

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