Double Braided Bun for Shorter Hair


Double Braided Bun for Shorter Hair from (6)Over the years as the girls have had different lengths of hair, buns have always been a quick & easy “go to” style for us.  When their hair has been shorter, it’s caused a problem for me when making buns.  I think I’ve mentioned it in past posts but I’ll say it again.  Maybe it’s just me … but I can’t stand it when buns are “knobby” and stick far off their heads.  I rather a bun be bigger and flatter than wrapped tightly and look like a knob sticking way off the back of their head.  Like I said — maybe it’s just me!!

When Bug cut her hair, we came up with a bun for shorter hair and years back after Goose had cut her hair the first time, we did this style “Almost a Bun” because I was “combating” the same problem back then not wanting a knobby bun sticking off their heads!

Well, here is yet another way to avoid the “knobby bun look!”  I love this because if you are working with less hair, it helps spread the bun out a bit on the back of the head giving the appearance of more hair or a bigger bun.  Resist the urge to wrap your braided bun really tight and make a knob.  Go for a more spread out bun on the back of the head instead!  Hopefully you can see what I mean in my video.

Step 1 – Make  a ponytail

Step 2 – Divide pony in half and make 2 braids

Step 3 – Arrange braids loosely and secure with bobby pins

Step 4 – Watch video to see exactly how we arranged the braids!

Notice how the bun sits nicely on her head & doesn’t protrude extremely far off her head?!  That’s exactly how we like it!

Double Braided Bun for Shorter Hair from (3) Double Braided Bun for Shorter Hair from (4)

Double Braided Bun for Shorter Hair from (5)

Tell us what you think.  Do you like a flatter bun or do you prefer it to be really tight & stick out a bit?

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4 Responses

  1. Wendy says:

    How pretty! I love these styles for shorter hair, since Princess M’s hair is shorter and so thin. Lovely! And Goose, Ee Leev Oo!!!

  2. Patricia says:

    Love this look. We are doing wedding styles for my girls who are 10 & 7 years old in August. This will be great on my older daughter who’s hair is mid back length. Any ideas for shoulder length hair?

  3. B says:

    How is this for shorter hair?!

    • The Mom says:

      Because it can be done in shorter hair. Her hair is almost a foot shorter, and yes I realize it still has a bit of length to it, but I’ve done it in shorter hair as well and it works. Obviously you can’t have an a-line when I say “short hair” but it is for hair that isn’t quite long enough to wrap one time completely around to form a bun or so that the hair doesn’t have to be wrapped so tightly making a knobby bun.

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