Double Half French Ladder Braids


Double Half French Ladder Braids (2)

I first shared this on Instagram last week and then later on our Facebook page and I had many asking for a video tutorial.  It was something I did on a whim as we were heading out the door for our weekly summer movie fun.  But we had a bit of time the other day and so we put together a video showing how we did it.

It’s sort of a combination of the following 3 hairstyles or techniques we’ve done in the past.

This cute style comes mainly from our Double 1 Sided French Braids Double 1 Sided French Braids (1)

 Our Feather Breading technique:

Feather/Cascading Braid Video (1)

And lastly the Ladder Braid Ladder Braid (4)

 Watch our video to see how we combined all three to get this pretty style:

Step 1 – Make side part

Step 2 – Section out small triangle of hair

Step 3 – Plait one section and start adding hair only to the top

Step 4 – Start “feathering” the braid

Once you’ve added hair on top and have reached the end of your part, start feathering the bottom part of the braid.  Watch our video HERE to see how to feather the braid.

Step 5 – Secure end of braid with rubber band

Step 6 – Make a 2nd braid

Right under the first braid, start the process over again, adding hair only to the top of the braid.

Step 7 – Add feathered pieces

Once you’ve braided down and are about even with where the feathering from the first braid starts, add the “feathers” into your 2nd braid instead of grabbing hair as you’d previously done.  This will give it the “ladder” look.

Step 8 – Secure the 2nd braid with a rubber band


Double Half French Ladder Braids (1)

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4 Responses

  1. Nicole P says:

    I wish I can do this! Im a lefty and Im finding it very hard to learn how to french braid. All the videos I watch are right handed people doing the braid. This braid is beautiful!!

  2. Wendy says:

    Awesome!!!! I just love Goose’s hair, and this hairstyle is gorgeous!!

  3. Awesome……..Just Awesome Share. I love it. Looking forward for more.

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