Easy Rolled Braid Updo


Easy Rolled Braid Updo (1)

This was a quick little style we did for church several weeks back.  Nothing really hard about it and was perfect for the time crunch we were in.  You could give this a bit messier look if you pull on the plaits of the braid to flatten them out a bit.  This would also be great for a day at the office if you are the one wanting to wear this style!

Step 1 – Make a ponytail (we made ours off-center)

Easy Rolled Braid Updo (2)

Step 2 – Pull the hair through

For years we didn’t have a Topsy Tail so we just made a “pull through” by this tried & true method.  But now that we have one, I do admit, it’s helpful with Goose’s long thick hair.  Easy Rolled Braid Updo (3)

Easy Rolled Braid Updo (4)

Step 3 – Braid the ponytail

Braid as far to the end of the ponytail & secure it with a rubber band.

Easy Rolled Braid Updo (5)

To try keep all the ends of the ponytail from totally poking out, I don’t pull the ends out the last time I wrap the rubber band around it.  It leaves a bit of a loop and contains some of the ends a bit.

Easy Rolled Braid Updo (6)
Step 4 – Roll the braid

Sort of like we did in this old post, roll the braid up onto itself until you reach the bottom of the pull through.

Easy Rolled Braid Updo (7)

Easy Rolled Braid Updo (8)

Step 5 – Rotate the braid

When it’s rolled up, it will be sitting vertically (as pictured above), but you’ll want to turn the whole “bun” to the right so it lays horizontally underneath the pull through.  You’ll want to make sure it covers the rubber band from your ponytail.  Just keep your hand around the whole braid as you turn so it stays close to the head.

Easy Rolled Braid Updo (9)

Step 6 – Secure with bobby pins

We used our Spin Pins to hold this in place, along with bobby pins.  The braid sat a bit too low on her head for the Spin Pins to totally get the grip I needed.

Easy Rolled Braid Updo (10)

 Finished! Easy Rolled Braid Updo (12)

Easy Rolled Braid Updo (11)

That’s it!  Quick & easy and perfect for a more “polished & professional” look or for church on Sunday and it’s “not just a bun!”

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  1. Erin says:

    oh, I really like this!! I’m gonna try it soon!

  2. Bekah says:

    I love how your hairstyles look great on kids and adults!

    • The Mom says:

      Thanks! That’s the hope that people will realize they can make the style work for them regardless of age. And that goes for length of hair too for the most part!

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