Feather Braided Bun #2


After I’d posted our feather braided bun the other day, I liked it so much I did it again, but changed it up just slightly, so there aren’t as many curls hanging down. I didn’t take any step-by-steps on this, but just wanted to share so you could see my slight alteration.

Feather Braided Bun #2 (1)

It’s hard to see in the pictures, but I actually took 3 of the long sections that hung down below and braided them together making a tiny braid. I let the ends be free so the curls still could be pinned around. That’s what the arrow is pointing at. If you click to enlarge the pic you can sort of see it better! The whole braid thing isn’t necessary, it was just something I did to get get those long sections out of the way. They could be pinned up just as easily.

Feather Braided Bun #2 (2)

Feather Braided Bun #2 (3)

I secured the bun with bobby pins, but used hair pins to secure all the curls around the bun. There was no exactness to how I looped the curls, I just placed them where I thought it looked good or filled in a space that needed a curl. Then to finish it off, we added our fancy “bling” bobby pins to make it extra fancy. Because, of course, every girl needs bling when wearing her fleece Tinkerbell jogging suit! LOL (Just in case — If you need to see the video on how to make a feather braid go HERE.)

Feather Braided Bun #2 (4)

So now you’ve got 2 different options when doing this pretty feather braided bun — it can be a “down-do” (like the 1st picture) or more of an “up-do”  (the 2nd picture below) depending on which way you pin the curls! This would be a GREAT one for Easter next week.

Feather Braided Bun #2 (5)

Feather Braided Bun #2 (6)

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  1. Vicky says:

    Will you ever consider doing a tutorial of the hairstyle in the first picture? I would love to do my own hair like that but am clueless on how to do it. Thank you!

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