Feather Braided Bun


Feather Braided Bun (1) Clear back when I came up with THIS style, doing what I call a feather braid or cascading braid, I’ve had it in mind to do the style I’m posting today. It’s been ages, and I finally go around to doing it the other day on Bee. It turned out quite pretty I think, and could be used for a little flower girl at a wedding, or probably just about any special occasion you’re attending. It really is quite simple but looks rather fancy I thought!

Make a basic ponytail wherever you want on the head, and secure with a rubber band.

Feather Braided Bun (2)

Begin making a basic 3 strand braid – but pulling sections out, as shown in my video HERE for a Cascading or Feather Braid. In the video I use wet hair, which is a bit easier, but you’ll want dry hair for this style, since you’re curling the sections you pull out.

Feather Braided Bun (3)

Braid all the way down to the ends of the hair. I pulled hair out from each side of the braid as I worked my way down. Secure the end of the feather braid with a little rubber band.

Feather Braided Bun (4)

Feather Braided Bun (5)

Then wrap the hair to make a basic bun. I wrapped mine to the left. Secure the bun with a few bobby pins as needed. Be sure not to push bobby pins in anywhere where you have the loose sections of hair hanging out. You want those to be free.

Feather Braided Bun (6)

Once you’ve secured it, it’ll look something like this. Kind of crazy.

Feather Braided Bun (7)

Feather Braided Bun (8)

Take a small curling iron & start curling all the sections of hair that hang off the bun. Be sure to curl them in opposite directions sometimes so you don’t end out with one big ringlet.

Feather Braided Bun (9)

I lightly sprayed each section of hair with hairspray before I curled it too. Once I’d curled each section, I separated a few of the longer ones that hung down in back & pinned them up onto the bun randomly. I forgot to take a picture of that. You can omit that step if you want, but I wanted it to look a bit fuller so I did that.

Feather Braided Bun (10)

And here is the finished product — you’d never guess there is a regular ol’ bun in there, huh?! I added a sweet little flower clip from Gimme Clips that matched her shirt perfectly. You could dress this up with bobby pins with bling, or any fancy accessory for your special day.

Feather Braided Bun (11)

Feather Braided Bun (12)

Feather Braided Bun (13)

Feather Braided Bun (14)

I really liked how it made her bun look so much fuller & added so much to a regular basic bun. In a way, it almost reminded me of those “fake hair pieces” you can buy that people put around buns to enhance them — but this looks WAY better!!! Now you can do this & not worry about the hair matching yours or people wondering if you’re wearing fake hair! 🙂

Feather Braided Bun (1)

Anyway, hope you like it. If you try this, I’d love it if you shared your pictures with us on our Facebook page! Have a great Friday.

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  1. Emily Hintze. says:

    Can you please post a video of how to do the Feather Braided bun please?

  2. linda ellis says:

    Like this. She will look so cute

  3. Lexi says:

    A video of the entire bun and the 2nd one would be fantastic!

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