French Braid and Fishbone Bun


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Remember our French braid & fishbone braid hairstyle we posted last week?  Well this is just taking it one step further and making it into a more elegant style or updo.  You don’t need overly long hair to do this.  In fact, your bun will be easier to “tame” if you are working with shorter hair!

Step 1 – Make a French braid

I started at the very front of the head and made one French braid right down the middle of the head.  Check out our French braid video if you need to brush up on your skills!  Braid clear down to the nape of the neck until you can’t add any more hair to your braid.

French Braid and Fishbone Bun from (2)

Step 2 – Divide the hair

Take the middle strand of your braid and divide it in half.  You are transitioning to your fishbone braid so you only want 2 strands of hair.  Add half of that middle strand into the left section of hair, and the other half into the right section of hair.   *Tip:  You could secure the hair with a rubber band at this point like I did in our previous mentioned French & Fishbone style if this is a bit tricky for you!

French Braid and Fishbone Bun from (3)

 Step 3 – Make a fishbone braid

Once you no longer have 3 strands of hair from your regular braid, start making a fishbone braid with the remaining hair in back.    If you don’t know how, watch our fishbone braid video! Your French braid will loosen up a bit and and “travel” down a bit to where you are making your fishbone braid.

French Braid and Fishbone Bun from (4)

Step 4 – Secure the braid

Once you’ve braided clear to the end, secure with a clear rubber band.  I don’t pull the end through on the last wrap of my rubber band to help secure the tail of your fishbone braid a bit (no pun intended!)  Technically you could stop here & call this a cute hairstyle, but we wanted to make it a bit dressier.

French Braid and Fishbone Bun from (5)

 Step 5 – Make a bun

Loosely wrap the fishbone braid up to the right of your French braid making a bun and secure as needed with bobby pins.  If you wish, you can tug on your fishbone braid a bit before making the bun to loosen things up a bit or to give it a messier look.

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3 Responses

  1. Lucy says:

    Between you, Mindy (Cute girls hairstyles) and Jenn (Girly Do’s) you all have amazing websites. Could you maybe post something like School Hair Sunday with school hair-dos. Or have Goose doing her own hair so that I can have more… hairstyles for myself

  2. Miss R. says:

    that is absolutely beautiful. thank you for sharing. i will try this

  3. Julia says:

    Wow, very fancy! I have yet to perfect more than a simple braid myself, but this is definitely something I’d like to work up to. It’s a great wedding hairstyle!

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