French Braid Cheat Hairstyle


French Braid Cheat from (2)

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This is our “cheater French braid style – or maybe you could call it a French braid hack!?  Technically it’s “Stacked Braids” but when I got done with it I thought it sort of resembled a French braid (yes? no?!) so if you can’t French braid, this is for you!  It’s great for the summer and keeps the hair pulled back nicely.  And if you’re working to grow out bangs, this would be a good one as well!

As a side note – you can do this with as many sections as you want to make it look even more “French” like, but we kept it simple and went with four.

Step 1 – Part out a rectangular section of hair

From the temples, section out a rectangle on the top of the head.  You can make this is big or as small as you want, but as I mentioned, we wanted to keep this simple so I used bigger amounts of hair as I sectioned the hair out.

French Braid Cheat from (3)

Step 2 – Make a braid

Braid most of the way down and secure temporarily with a clip.

French Braid Cheat from (4)

Step 3 –  Part hair from the ears back

French Braid Cheat from (5)

You’ll do this on both sides & pull it straight back.

French Braid Cheat from (6)

Step 4 – Make a 2nd braid

You’re going to need to make 3 sections out of these 2 to make another braid.  Take some hair from the inside left, and inside right and that will be the hair for the middle section of of this next braid.

French Braid Cheat from (7)

 This second braid will sit right on top of your first braid.  DON’T add the first braid to it.  It is a completely new braid.

French Braid Cheat from (8)

 Braid it down past the nape of the neck and secure with a clip temporarily.

French Braid Cheat from (9)

 Step 5 – Make a 3rd braid

Repeat the process as shown above, parting out another section of hair right below the one above.  Divide the 2 sections into 3 to make another braid.

French Braid Cheat from (10)

 This 3rd braid will lay right on top of the other 2 braids.  Again – DON’T add either of the other two braids into it.

French Braid Cheat from (11)

 Step 6 – Make a 4th braid

As shown above, repeat the process with a fourth braid that lays on top of the other three braids.

French Braid Cheat from (12)

 This is what it will look like when you’ve made all 4 braids.  **Again, you can part out more sections of hair for this and have a lot more than 4 braids at the end. **

French Braid Cheat from (13)

Step 7 – Undo the first 3 braids

Take out the clips from the first 3 braids you made so they unravel a bit.  These are the 3 bottom braids.  Be careful that they don’t completely come undone.  Leave the clip in the 4th braid (or last braid you made) for now.

French Braid Cheat from (14)

 Step 8 – Braid the tail of the braid

With the hair that was previously braided, use those sections of hair to make one big braid in the tail.  For the middle strand of this braid, I used one of the unraveling braids and the 4th braid you made that was still held by the clip.

French Braid Cheat from (15)

Once I’d done a few plaits, I slid the clip off of that 4th braid that was made in Step 6.  That was to ensure that things didn’t completely come undone.

French Braid Cheat from (16)

 Step 9 – Secure the end of the braid with a rubber band

French Braid Cheat from (17)


French Braid Cheat from (19)

French Braid Cheat from (20)

French Braid Cheat from (23)

French Braid Cheat from (21)

French Braid Cheat from (24)

We’ve done this a few other times, ending it differently.  We’ve braided all 4 braids into a 4 strand braid for the tail, instead of one thick braid like we show here.  We’ve also done a pretty updo with it as well that we’ll post in the near future.  We hope this helps some of you that struggle with French braiding because you hopefully won’t feel like you need 4 hands to do it!

French Braid Cheat from (22)

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14 Responses

  1. selena says:

    i love this hair style i try this for school and evrey one ask how do you do that i tell him go to babes in hair land you will know thanks thanks and thanks love ya ^__^

    • The Mom says:

      Thanks Selena. Glad you like it. Hope it works for you. It’s one we’ve used a lot lately!

  2. Great idea! Love the look of it even more than a “real” french braid.

  3. Miss R. says:

    that’s really cute. thanks for posting

  4. wowww
    It’s perfect

  5. Grace says:

    I personally don’t, but lots of people struggle with french braids. I think it’s great that you com up with alternatives 🙂 Even if one person on Facebook don’t like it 😉
    Thank you for everything you share! Keep doing what you do! 🙂

    • The Mom says:

      Thanks Grace for all your comments. Ya, that person on FB was one of those special ones. It’s a bit frustrating that when people finally decide to say something it has to be negative. But I’ve had to learn to have a thick skin blogging because I know no matter what I do I can’t please everyone. Thank you for always commenting and saying such nice things. It means a lot!

  6. Grace says:

    You are very welcome. I was very surprised to see that you don’t have more comments. And I just happen to feel like commenting, something I rarely do. I quite like to just watch and be more anonymous ..and I guess be more of a fly on the wall.
    I’m sorry that you have deal with that. There is so much hate. Sometimes I wonder what people would use all that time to if it was impossible for just one day. And no one can please everyone, that’s impossible!

    • The Mom says:

      Well thanks for not staying a fly on the wall forever! And thanks for the little video clip! Made me smile! I say that a lot to my girls & I wish more people would abide by that rule too! lol I did lose a lot of comments when I brought my blog over to WordPress but people do tend to just look and move on, or comment on FB I guess. It’s all good though. It is what it is! 🙂

  7. Grace says:

    You are welcome, it has been fun to talk with you! You are very welcome, I don’t remember where and when but I have seen it being posted before where it fit right in, just like now (or then, it has already been a month). Yay for making you smile, I love to make people smile 🙂 I agree with you but I also feel that constructive criticism is important, but not always appropriate! Mostly people just complaint. Oh that explains a lot about the comments!
    Have a nice day! 🙂

  8. Patricia says:

    Awesome for school days. Quick and pretty

  9. Katrina says:

    This is one of my favorites. I did it yesterday for all three of my girls to go to the park. PERFECT hairdo for play time outside! Thanks for posting

  10. Alexis says:

    haha cute i would do this but there is no need because i know how to do it in my hair so yah

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