Valentine’s Day Heart Updo

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Valentine's Day Heart Updo (1)

I’ve got to admit when I did this first time a couple weeks ago for church, I wasn’t going for a “heart” look to this hairstyle – I was just wanting a pretty updo for church. But after I got done, I think it resembled one and since Valentine’s Day is next week I thought we’d share it!

Step 1 – Part the hair– **Also – this does work better w/damper hair. **

Part it from ear to ear and then right down the middle. Make 2 pony tails with the sections- one on the left & one on the right. You’ll want to make the center part come a bit further back onto the back of the head.

Valentine's Day Heart Updo (2)Valentine's Day Heart Updo (3)

Step 2 – Make rope/twist braids

With each ponytail make a rope/twist braid and secure the ends with rubber bands.

Valentine's Day Heart Updo (4)

Step 3 – Take the remaining hair in back & make another ponytail.

Make rope/twist braid with it too. (sorry I didn’t take a picture of that!)

Step 4 – Make loops with all 3 sections of hair.

You can either just put the ends up through the rubber bands that formed the ponytails, or get another rubber band and wrap it around the base of the ponytail and then not pull the end of your twist through the last time.

Valentine's Day Heart Updo (5)

Step 5 – Make a long hair messy bun with the left twisted loop

If you don’t know what I’m talking about – watch our video HERE. Because you’re working with less hair for these “messy buns” they will come out looking loopier – which is the look I wanted. But you’ll just pull the twists apart a bit and get them to spread out to your liking. Secure it with bobby pins to start forming the left top part of your heart.

Valentine's Day Heart Updo (6)

Step 6 – Repeat

Make long hair messy buns to the other 2 twisted loops and secure as needed with bobby pins.

Valentine's Day Heart Updo (7)

This is how we’d initially put the flowers because I wanted to cover a bobby pin up there in the middle. These pretty red ones come from Maiden America.

Valentine's Day Heart Updo (8)

But once I moved the flowers down to the bottom I think it resembled a heart. Yes? No? Either way it was a pretty updo!

Valentine's Day Heart Updo (9)

And she was happy with the thought of a heart in her hair for church!

Valentine's Day Heart Updo (10)

So after realizing it was “heart” material, we tried it again with some ribbon. If I had time to do it again, I would make the ribbon thicker, or loop it all over the buns instead of outlining it with it. The heart was “cut” a bit deeper this time – so I think I prefer the 1st attempt better! But just to give you an idea of some options!

Option 2:

Use a craft needle to thread your ribbon through the hair.

These work great for weaving ribbon through their hair!

Valentine's Day Heart Updo (11)

Start at the bottom of the heart & work your way up and over the top and back down again.

Valentine's Day Heart Updo (12)

Valentine's Day Heart Updo (13)

So either way you do it – it turns out pretty and is great for any special occasion or Valentine’s Day party! Let us know what you think! And if you do this one, be sure to share it with us on our Facebook Page!

Valentine's Day Heart Updo (14)

Valentine's Day Heart Updo (15)

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