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Loopy Bun Hairstyle (1) I totally wanted to get my latest hair do with Curlformers posted that I gave you a sneak peek of in my last post, but because there are a ton of pictures I didn’t have time to upload those all right now. So you’ll have to settle for a quick & easy one.

Maybe it’s just me, but I when I did this I thought that it looked like more than just a normal bun. So I thought I’d share. It’s quick & easy, and I think quite pretty.

I made an offset zig-zag part on the right side. (as always!) You can part it however you want – or just pull the hair straight back with no part if you like. Make a ponytail wherever you want on the head. I put it off center towards the left side of her head.

Loopy Bun Hairstyle (2)

Do a real loose rope/twist braid. I did this another day and actually made one even looser than this & it had an even loopy-er (that’s not a word – I know!) look to it. Get the hair plenty damp or you’ll have fly aways big time since the hair isn’t twisted overly tight. Just do a few twists pretty far down the ponytail. Secure the end with a rubber band.

Loopy Bun Hairstyle (3)

Then begin wrapping it like you would a normal bun. But don’t pull the twist too tight around the base of the ponytail. By not pulling it in too tight, it also gives the look of having a “bigger fuller” bun too!

Loopy Bun Hairstyle (4)

Once you’ve wrapped the twist around the base of the ponytail & have run out of hair to wrap, take the end of the twist where you’ve secured it with the little rubberband…

Loopy Bun Hairstyle (5)

and reach through a chunk of the twist and grab the end “tail” of your twist. Her hair happened to wrap 1 full time around and so I was pretty much back on top of the bun for this. You can pull it out anywhere and make this work I believe.

Loopy Bun Hairstyle (6)

Pull the tail through the twist so it’s poking out all crazy like! (I mentioned I’d done this another time, but I actually pulled the tail out like this & fanned it out all spunky like. It was a more playful instead of “pretty” do that day.)

Loopy Bun Hairstyle (7)

You could curl it a bit and spray it some if you want a spunky look (this isn’t a very good example of that though.) But hopefully you get what I’m saying.

At this point, secure the bun carefully with a few bobby pins. But don’t do it up around the area where your “tail” is sticking out.

Loopy Bun Hairstyle (8)

Anyway, if you’re not doing a spunky look, take the tail of your twist and get it a bit damp, or mist it with hairspray. Curl it back down towards the head (just with your finger- not necessarily the curling iron.) We kind of had a spot that looked like a loop was missing, so it made it easy to decide where to position this.

Loopy Bun Hairstyle (9)

Tack that tail down in behind a part of the bun with a bobby pin. (That’s why you don’t want to have too many bobby pins in the bun at this point, because you want to be sure you have a spot to stick the tail and anchor it.) Don’t pull the tail down too tight either, or you loose that loop look. Secure with more bobby pins if necessary around the rest of the bun. You can have this looping anywhere on the bun and make this work. Like I said, her hair just happens to be the length that we were back on the top.

Loopy Bun Hairstyle (10)

And you’re done.

Loopy Bun Hairstyle (11)

Loopy Bun Hairstyle (12)

Loopy Bun Hairstyle (13)

You can leave it plain, or add an accessory. We opted for our tiny clippy flowers I made ages ago. We just love these cuz you can just clip them into wherever and they add just a nice touch of prettiness! We tried it with 1 –

Loopy Bun Hairstyle (14)

and with 2 flowers. I think we ended out just going with 1 in to church.

Loopy Bun Hairstyle (15)

And that’s it. A bun that looks like you’ve had to pin big loops of hair to get the look, and all it is is a loose rope/twist braid!

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  1. naomi thornleu says:

    I wish you could do more hairsytles for teenagers like in an age of 14 like that.
    Best regards,

    • The Mom says:

      Have you checked out out the styles we’ve got tagged as teens/tweens? babesinhairland.com/tag/tween-teenage-hairstyles/
      Hope you can find some styles in there that will work for you!

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