Quick Style – Bohemian/Hippie Braids


Simple Summer Style

Bohemian/Hippie Braids (1)

This is a great ‘do that is quick & easy & very cute for any age and will work on pretty much any length of hair …toddler on up.

Part the hair right down the middle on the top of the head. As dead center as you can.

Bohemian/Hippie Braids (2)

To the left of the part section out a small bit of hair & make a small braid. Plait a braid – but only down about half way.

Bohemian/Hippie Braids (3)

Secure it temporarily with a rubber band or a little claw clip.

Bohemian/Hippie Braids (4)

Toward the back of the crown where your part stops, part out another section of hair & plait another braid and braid it half way down as well.

Bohemian/Hippie Braids (5)

Secure it temporarily with a rubber band too.

Bohemian/Hippie Braids (6)

Join them together with a little claw clip above the rubber bands so they form a V & remove the rubber bands.

Bohemian/Hippie Braids (7)

Once you remove the rubber bands, braid the hair hanging down below your claw clip. Braid down as far as you wish & then secure the end with a rubber band.

Bohemian/Hippie Braids (8)

Repeat to the other side if you wish and you are done.

Bohemian/Hippie Braids (9)

I’m not a huge fan of having her hair straight down and “nothing done” to it, but this was just enough that it kept it out of her face and she really liked it.

Bohemian/Hippie Braids (10)

Bohemian/Hippie Braids (11)

Bohemian/Hippie Braids (12)

If you try this one (or any of our other styles), we’d love it if you’d share pictures with us on our Facebook page! We hope you’re all enjoying your summer & having lots of fun in the sun!

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  1. Claudette says:

    OMG!!!! This is SOOOO PERTY!❤❤❤❤

  2. Elena Peerce says:

    This is so gorgeous! Can’t wait to try it on for myself! 😀

  3. wedding cards says:

    wow!!! superb hair style.. also the baby looks very pretty in this style… I like it very much…

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