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Last month, my amazing cousin Rachel came in from out of state to visit a bunch of our family.   Sadly I was at a blogging conference and not around to get to visit with her and her darling family.  She has the cutest little kiddos, and her oldest daughter is just a few months older than Bee.  Say hello to little Miss. A.

Simple Style for Curly Hair from (7)

Little Miss A. is just the cutest girl ever.  She has the prettiest curly hair and since starting Kindergarten has had fun doing different hairstyles from our blog.  Well, knowing they were coming to visit us, Miss A. wanted me to do her hair since she has so much fun seeing the girls on the blog.  Well we managed to work things out that I’d be able to do Miss A’s hair just before church and before they headed out of town later that day.  She was really excited for me to do a quick tutorial in her hair too!  She’s such a cutie and I wish we’d have been able to spend more time together and do something even more fancy for her!

When she arrived her hair was dry so we had to prep it a bit so I didn’t hurt her curls.  We sprayed it down nicely with our water bottle and combed it out with our big wide tooth comb.  Then I put Garnier Fructis Curl Sculpting Gel.  I forgot how yummy it smells!


Simple Style for Curly Hair from (17) Step 1 – Part out hair into little ponytails

I started in the middle and parted out a long rectangular section of hair & secured it with a rubber band.  I parted out 2 more even sections of hair on the right side of her head and made little ponytails with them.

Simple Style for Curly Hair from (16)

Step 2 – Repeat on the left side

You’ll have a total of 5 mini-ponytails when you are all done.

Simple Style for Curly Hair from (15)

 Step 3 – Divide middle ponytail in half

Simple Style for Curly Hair from (14)

 Step 4 – Combine ponytails

On the left side, join the 2 left ponytails and half of the middle ponytail.  Secure with a rubber band.

Simple Style for Curly Hair from (13)

Step 5 – Repeat on the right side

Simple Style for Curly Hair from (12)

Step 6 – Join the ponytails in the middle back of the head

The last time I wrapped the rubber band around I left it as a loop and didn’t pull the ends all the way through.

Simple Style for Curly Hair from (11)

Simple Style for Curly Hair from (10)

Step 7 – Make a messy bun

Using our quick & easy messy bun technique, I used a few mini-bobby pins and anchored a few sections of hair to form a messy bun.  Because there were just these 2 small sections of hair that had been joined together to make the messy bun, I didn’t plan on a huge messy bun in back.  It was just enough to make it more than a simple lattice work of rubber bands.

Simple Style for Curly Hair from (9)


Simple Style for Curly Hair from (5)

Simple Style for Curly Hair from (8)

We added a cute little fluffy bow I’d made years back just underneath the bottom of the messy bun.  It added the perfect amount of color against her pretty blonde curls.

Simple Style for Curly Hair from (6)

Simple Style for Curly Hair from (4) Simple Style for Curly Hair from (3)

Bee wanted in for one picture!  It’s hard to believe that Miss A. is older than Bee.  Keep in mind Bee is rather tall for her age!  They play so cute together and were so sad they couldn’t spend more time together. Simple Style for Curly Hair from (19)

Thanks Miss A. for letting me do your hair.

We miss & love you & hope you’ll come visit again soon! 

Simple Style for Curly Hair from (2)

For other curly styles I did on another cousin’s daughter with hair similar to Miss A.’s check out Curly Pom Pom Ponies, and Half French Braided Crown.

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  1. Katie says:

    So cute!
    I have curly hair too

  2. Lucy says:

    Bee is tall

  3. monika says:

    Miss A.! You are as cute as a button! Such a beautiful face. And the hair!? I hope you liked it is as much as we (my daughter and I) enjoyed looking at it.

    • The Mom says:

      Oh, thank you. She truly is a cutie. So small and sweet! I will make sure she knows you like this one too!

  4. Gaby says:

    That’s sooo cute :3
    Just love it. Kss from Spain

    • The Mom says:

      So glad you like this one Gaby! We love hearing from our readers – especially from far far away! Have a wonderful day. 🙂

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