Double Floating Hearts | Valentine’s Day Hairstyle

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I’ve had several fun Valentine’s Day hairstyle ideas rolling around in my head for weeks now, and it’s so frustrating when what works in my head, doesn’t really work in hair.  BUT – this one came to life just perfect and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do!  This is such a quick and easy hairstyle, and requires no major hair skill to recreate it!  Those are the best don’t you think?! Double Floating Hearts | Valentine's Day Hairstyle from #valentinesday #heart #hair #hairstyle

Step 1 – Part out a rectangular section of hair from the temples to the crown & make a ponytail

This is technically optional, but I like to have a bit more hair in back when doing this style, so if you are working with thicker hair, you can opt to forego this step if you wish.

Step 2 – On the left and right side near the temple, section out small amounts of hair

Step 3 – Draw these sections of hair to the middle back of the head

Step 4 – Join these 2 sections of hair together with an elastic

Step 5 – Once the elastic can’t be wrapped much further, do not pull the hair all the way through on the last wrap

Step 6 – Pull hair through just far enough to create a small loop

At this point, you want to make sure the hair in the little loop is very wet, or has plenty of product in it.  You want this to be very smooth and have as few flyaways as possible.

Step 7 – Divide loop into 2 pieces – a left and right side

Step 8 – Adjust each side of the loop so they are even and formed into the shape of a heart

Step 9 – Take a hair pin and push it down into the bottom of the heart so it secures it to the head

You can use a bobby pin but after several attempts with them, I found they were almost too tight and pulled the heart in ways I didn’t like.  Since you have to work so carefully with the hair to maintain the heart shape, I found that hair pins truly work the best for this.

Step 10 – Make a second heart by repeating steps 2-9 below the first heart

Step 11 – Spray well with hairspray to keep hearts from coming apart

Step 12 – Curl remaining hair in back (optional)


Double Floating Hearts | Valentine's Day Hairstyle from #valentinesday #heart #hair #hairstyle Double Floating Hearts | Valentine's Day Hairstyle from #valentinesday #heart #hair #hairstyle Double Floating Hearts| Valentine's Day Hairstyle from #valentinesday #heart #hair #hairstyle

SOOO cute, right?  Here’s a closer look at the top heart.  Remember these turn out best if you are working with very wet hair for the hearts.

Double Floating Hearts | Valentine's Day Hairstyle from #valentinesday #heart #hair #hairstyle Double Floating Hearts | Valentine's Day Hairstyle from #valentinesday #heart #hair #hairstyle

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  1. This is so cute!! I need to get someone to help me with my hair so I can do this!

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