Flower Girl Hairstyle

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Really quick – I’ve had several people ask where I got Goose’s baptism dress that I had in THIS recent post. I purchased it from White Elegance– and it is the one called “Firefly.” The flowers in the picture on their website are a little different than what are on our dress – but not by much. Hope that helps.

Ok, so wedding season is steadily approaching and I’ve had a couple more requests for ideas on flower girl hair. This one, specifically, is for Michelle E. who e-mailed me several weeks ago asking for a hair idea. I’m betting, she’s probably thought I forgot about her – but I didn’t! She’d told me that the wedding is on April 10th, so hopefully this comes in time for her to try out & see if it’ll work. Her 4 year old daughter has fine hair, and it’s similar to Bee’s she said, so I hope this works. I always am apprehensive coming up with a hair do for someone, so I hope you like this! It’s not rocket science, but I think would look very pretty with little flowers or other bling for accessories. Where she mentioned her dd’s hair being fine, I think my messy buns work wonders in making hair look fuller and I think they actually work better on hair that isn’t as thick or as long.

Flower Girl Hairstyle (1)

I started with her hair fairly damp after her bath. I love the way her messy buns turn out with wetter hair. Part the hair from ear to ear. Then make a side part – mine was on the right. Hold the hair in the back with a clip to keep it out of the way for right now. Make an uneven 3 strand braid on the right side. (This can be switched out for something different if you prefer – a regular braid, a twist/ropebraid/corkscrew twist, or even wrapped with rubber bands.) Secure the end with a rubber band.

Flower Girl Hairstyle (2)

Repeat on the left side & secure it with a rubber band.

Flower Girl Hairstyle (3)

Let the braids hang free up front for now. Part the hair from ear to ear across the back/crown of the head. Make a pony tail & secure it with a rubber band.

Flower Girl Hairstyle (4)

Take a clip and hold that top ponytail out of the way. Take the remaining hair that is hanging down in back and make a 2nd ponytail and add the braids from each side into it. Secure it all with a rubber band. Now you can remove the rubber bands from the 2 braids.

Flower Girl Hairstyle (5)

Take a 2nd rubber band and wrap it around the ponytail several times, and on the last time around, don’t pull it all the way through so it forms a loop.

Flower Girl Hairstyle (6)

Flower Girl Hairstyle (7)

Take a couple bobby pins and make My Messy Bun (click HERE to watch the video for that)- be sure to use extra bobby pins to make x’s with if your dd’s hair tends to not hold bobby pins as well.

Flower Girl Hairstyle (8)

Once the bottom messy bun is secure, take the top pony tail and with another rubber band wrap it around to make another messy bun — BUT this time on the last time wrapping the rubber band around, don’t pull the ponytail all the way through so that the ends of the pony are on TOP not the under side of the loop (like the previous messy bun.)

Flower Girl Hairstyle (9)

Here’s a view from the side so hopefully that makes sense what I did.

Flower Girl Hairstyle (10)

Take a few sections of this loop and separate them and secure with bobby pins off to the sides of the base of the pony tail. There’s no exact way to do this, just grab a few sections and position them to give them the look you want. Just be sure not to pull those loops directly up so they cover the top of the pony tail. You don’t want those hair secured by bobby pins.

Flower Girl Hairstyle (11)

You don’t want them secured with bobby pins because you then will take those ends and curl them under with your curling iron or flat iron. Depending on if the hair is still damp, you may need to wait for them to dry, or on a low setting gently blow the ends dry so you can curl them. I also barely curled the little hairs that stick out from the bottom messy bun too so they weren’t stick straight.

Flower Girl Hairstyle (12)

Add a few silly faces (this has now become a “requirement” of hers before she’ll get down to “business” and let me take the final pictures of any hairdo!”)

Flower Girl Hairstyle (13)

Flower Girl Hairstyle (14)

And add a few flowers or accessories of your choice to make it even prettier & you’re good to go. I couldn’t find the little flowers I was looking for so I settled for these fun ones from Gimme Clips.

Flower Girl Hairstyle (15)

Flower Girl Hairstyle (16)

Flower Girl Hairstyle (17)

Flower Girl Hairstyle (18)

Oh, and be sure you don’t make the pony tails too far apart because you want the messy buns to sort of run into each other w/o a gap in between. I wish mine were just a touch closer together!

Anyway, I think this would look really pretty with small flowers through out it – similar to the small hair pin accessories I recently posted about. It would really dress this style up nicely for any wedding or special occasion. Hope this is something you’ll be able to use Michelle – my fingers are crossed!

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