French Rope Twist and Braid


French Rope Braid & Braid from

I’m loving this hairstyle today because it combines two of my favorite techniques — braids and rope twists/braids.  It’s really an ageless style and can be worn by a little girl or a mom so it’s great that way too!  This is one “Goose” started doing on herself first because she didn’t feel like her rope braid stayed twisted as much as she would have liked.  So she started finishing the style off with a regular braid instead of continuing a rope braid/twist at the end.  So if you have trouble keeping rope braids tight, or when you do this “French” style of a rope twist and feel like it loosens up a bit, try ending it with a braid like we’ll show you.  It’s so pretty!

Step 1 – Make an off-center part on the right side

Step 2 – At the forehead part out a small section to the left of your side part

Step 3 – Divide that section into 2 pieces

Step 4 – Cross the left (bottom) piece over the top (right piece)

Step 5 – Add a small section of hair to the piece that is now in the bottom position

Step 6 – Again cross the bottom section over the top

Step 7 – Add another small section of hair to the section that is now on bottom

Step 8 – Repeat this process of “twisting” and adding hair around the head

Step 9 – Stop adding hair when you are at the nape of the neck on the right

Step 10 – Take remaining hair above the right ear and draw it backward toward your twist

Step 11 – Use the hair from above the ear and position it between the 2 strands of your twist

Step 12 – Begin a regular 3 strand braid with the 3 strands of hair and braid down as far as desired

Step 13 – Secure the end of your braid with an elastic


French Rope Braid & Braid from French Rope Braid & Braid from French Rope Braid & Braid from French Rope Braid & Braid from French Rope Braid & Braid from French Rope Braid & Braid from

If you love rope twists/braids, especially these “French” versions, check out our gorgeous French Twisted Updo.  You could easily end these with regular braids and wind them up into the back like we did with the twists.  They are so simple but so beautiful. French Twisted Updo from

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  1. Wendy says:

    I love this hairstyle and Goose looks so beautiful!!!!

  2. Alivia- Rose says:

    Gorgeous hairstyle! and very easy to do on yourself!

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