Thanksgiving Turkey Bun Hairstyle

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Cute Turkey Bun Hairstyle (1)

Ok, so I couldn’t resist. Bug has got a fun “Thanksgiving Feast” tomorrow at school and as I happened to look at our coat closet door that is covered in Thanksgiving turkeys and crafts the girls have made in school, I suggested to Bug how “fun” it might be to have some turkey feathers in her hair for her little Thanksgiving feast at school. She got all excited thinking I had some real feathers (which you could use btw – but I just don’t have on hand.)

Last year I’d come up w/our basic bun w/a little bit of turkey tail, but this is taking it a bit further! So this is what I ended out doing! Despite it’s “silliness” – she loved it & is excited to sport it tomorrow for her feast. And after all, fun is the name of the game, right? Especially in Kindergarten!

You can start this anyway you want – with just a basic ponytail. But I’d already had her hair pulled back into rope/twist braids  into a ponytail, so we just left things as is, and started working on the ponytail.

Cute Turkey Bun Hairstyle (2)

If you are using pipe cleaner, and not real colored feathers – cut your pipe cleaner in half.

Cute Turkey Bun Hairstyle (3)

I used 5 different colors, but you can use as many or as few as you like.

Cute Turkey Bun Hairstyle (4)

Then shape them into “feathers.”

Cute Turkey Bun Hairstyle (5)

Stick the ends of the pipe cleaner (or the end of your real craft feather) underneath the rubber band that is wrapped around your ponytail. Once you have positioned the feathers where you want them, wrap another small rubber band around the base of the ponytail, to ensure the feathers are really secured.

Cute Turkey Bun Hairstyle (6)

At this point, you could almost leave it if you want. But I wanted a bun. I did a loopy looking bun that starts with a loose rope/twist braids.

Cute Turkey Bun Hairstyle (7)

Make whatever kind of bun you want and secure it well with bobby pins.

Cute Turkey Bun Hairstyle (8)

Once you’ve got it all bobby pinned and secure, feel free to move the feathers around a bit to shape/form them to however it looks best. You can stop here if you want.

Cute Turkey Bun Hairstyle (9)

But Bug informed me it needed a head! I laughed that I had googly eyes somewhere in all my craft stuff, but couldn’t find them – so we opted for this. We took the other half of our red pipe cleaner and formed it like a turkey head, and then added a small orange piece for a beak. This is all “rough” but you get the idea hopefully! I wrapped a bit of tape around the end so the sharp edges wouldn’t snag in her hair when I put it in.

Cute Turkey Bun Hairstyle (10)

Add the “head” wherever you think it looks nice, and secure with a little bobby pin. And voila! You’ve got a fun turkey bun! So very festive for Thanksgiving! LOL 🙂 Bug thought it needed a “waddle” (since she’s learned about the correct parts of a turkey apparently!) but I said it was good enough!  We’ve shared this for Show & Tell Wednesday at SNAP.

Cute Turkey Bun Hairstyle (11)

We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday full of food, family and friends!

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