Triple Twists and Bun


Triple Twists & Bun from #hair #hairstyle #twists #bun If you’ve followed us for a while, this one might look a little familiar.  I did this style as a step-by-step picture tutorial on my oldest over 3 years ago but her bun was different.  I’ve used this style on school mornings and for church over the years, so I love that it’s versatile that way.  You could use it for sports or dance as well, it’s just that cute!  So I hope you don’t mind that I’ve made a video of this style as well.  Sometimes I feel bad that styles get lost in the archives, and so it’s fun from time to time to redo or film styles that only have step-by-step pictures.

Also, bear with us as we have had a bit of bad luck lately.  My Mac and camera died the same week and I just got my laptop back but am going to have to get a new camera.  My old one has been limping along for a while, but is beyond hope now.  I had to shoot this style w/my phone which isn’t my preference!  Anyway, please have patience with us as we’re trying to get our feet back under us with a new camera!

Step 1 – Part out a long rectangular section of hair on top of the head

Step 2 – Make a side ponytail with the remaining hair near the left ear

Step 3 – Divide the rectangular section into 3 even sections

Step 4 – Make rope twists/braids with each small section & secure the ends with elastics

You can make micro braids here if you prefer, but I love the texture the twists give in the bun.  If you are new to rope twists/braids, watch our rope twists tutorial HERE.

Step 5 – Draw the 3 rope twists/braids back toward the ponytail

Step 6 – Secure twists to ponytail with another elastic

Step 7 – Braid the ponytail & secure the end with an elastic

Divide the ponytail into 3 even sections and lay 1 twist on top of each straight section of hair.  As you braid, keep the twists on top of the straight hair so they peek through the braid.

Step 8 – Wrap the braid into a bun & secure with bobby pins as needed.


Triple Twists & Bun from #hair #hairstyle #twists #bun Triple Twists & Bun from #hair #hairstyle #twists #bun Triple Twists & Bun from #hair #hairstyle #twists #bun Triple Twists & Bun from #hair #hairstyle #twists #bun Triple Twists & Bun from #hair #hairstyle #twists #bun Triple Twists & Bun from #hair #hairstyle #twists #bun Triple Twists & Bun from #hair #hairstyle #twists #bun Triple Twists & Bun from #hair #hairstyle #twists #bun Triple Twists & Bun from #hair #hairstyle #twists #bun

Here’s a fun look at the 2 of them side by side.  They were about the same age, but such different hair color!  Which one do you like better?  I sort of like today’s tutorial better because I love that the twists show up throughout the bun more.  To check out the picture tutorial on my oldest/blonde daughter, go HERE for our Triple Twists and a Bun | Back to School Style.

Triple Twists & Bun from #hair #hairstyle #twists #bun Triple Twists & Bun from #hair #hairstyle #twists #bun

Thanks again for checking out our tutorial today and be sure to pin it and save it for later!

Triple Twists & Bun from #hair #hairstyle #twists #bun

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  1. really nice haircut.i like it so much..lovely blog thanks for this article post images…

  2. I love this look for a dance recital bun. It is different and beautiful. Thanks for the step by step!

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