Twisted 4 Strand Braid Pullback


Twisted 4 Strand Braid Pullback from Babes in Hairland

Here’s a  pretty little style we did on Bee recently and would be perfect for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  We’ve done similar things with regular 3 strand braids, but I liked how this one turned out the best.  But if you haven’t mastered 4 strand braids yet, use what works best for you!

Step 1 – Make a zig zag part

On the top of the head, make an off center zig zag part.  Then part down to each ear so you have 2 sections of hair divided out.

Twisted 4 Strand Braid Pullback (2)

Step 2 – On the left side make a 4 stranded braid

We did a flat 4 strand braid and if you aren’t sure how to make one, you can watch our flat 4 stranded braid video here.  Braid to the end of the hair & secure with a rubber band.

Twisted 4 Strand Braid Pullback (1)

Step 3 – Repeat Step 2 on the right side

Step 4-   Join the braids in the middle

Secure the 2 braids with a small rubber band so they meet in the middle.

Twisted 4 Strand Braid Pullback (3)

 Step 5 – Twist the braids

I actually twisted them a bit like I would a rope braid, but you can probably get the same look by just crossing them over each other so they have a twisted look.  However, they may not stay twisted up as well.  Secure the ends with a rubber band.

Twisted 4 Strand Braid Pullback (4)

 Step 6 – (optional) Curl & add accessories

I added little flowers to cover the rubber bands.

Twisted 4 Strand Braid Pullback (5)

 Finished! Twisted 4 Strand Braid Pullback (6)

Twisted 4 Strand Braid Pullback (7)

Twisted 4 Strand Braid Pullback (8)

Twisted 4 Strand Braid Pullback (9)

And we wish you a fabulous and happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.  May you enjoy a stress free day full of wonderful family, friends and food!  We are thankful for YOU our readers.  Have a blessed day. 🙂

Twisted 4 Strand Braid Pullback (10)

Don’t forget if you are wanting a fun & festive Thanksgiving style, we’ve got a cute Thanksgiving Turkey bun style, or you could just add a little turkey face to our Basic Bun with a Little Turkey Tail!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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4 Responses

  1. JBeth says:

    Hi, lovely hairstyle! Love the look of the four strand braids. Just a quick question though, are the flowers, clips or hairbands? Thanks!

    • The Mom says:

      They are alligator clips with flowers on them. I just slid them in above the rubber bands after I’d finished her hair! hth

  2. JBeth says:

    Awesome! Thank you. Now I’ve invested in some flower alligator clips, my sisters’ hair will look prettier than ever!

  3. Diane says:

    My daughter is having fun with your hairstyles. Quick question, my daughter has rough loose curly jewish hair. Its really dry with lots of flyaways. I use creams to reduce frizz as much as I can, but I’m so envious of your daughter’s super smooth hair! What can I do to help smooth my daughter’s hairstyles. With all the frizzies, they don’t look as clean.

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