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Gift Ideas for Hair Lovers or Teenage Girls from #Christmas #giftideas #gift #present #hair

I know, I know – it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.  But with Black Friday this week and Cyber Monday before my next scheduled post, this was the best day to post this!  With Christmas just around the corner, obviously gift giving is on most people’s minds!  So that got me thinking about some of our favorite hair “things” and if I could buy all of you, our fabulous readers, a bunch of stuff for Christmas what would I get you?!

So for fun, I thought we’d share with you our “favorite things” – along with some other great finds for the hair lovers and perhaps tween & teenage girls on your Christmas lists!

So whether these are for you, or another hair lover that you know – we hope you enjoy this great list of gift ideas.  Some of these we own and use regularly, others we have used, but wish we owned!  If we don’t have the item I’ve done some shopping around for what we think would be the best ones so we’re sharing those with you.

Once you review our list of favorites & great gift ideas, be sure to enter our giveaway at the bottom of this post! 


Hair “Jewelry”

Bitter Sweet Hair Tie Bracelet

If you or someone you know always is wearing a ponytail holder (or two!) on their wrists “just in case you want to pull your hair up during the day,” check this fantastic idea out!  The “Bitter Sweet Hair Tie Bracelet” is a great & stylish solution. It’s a bracelet that you can slip your ponytail holder onto.  It eliminates that dent in your skin that you get from wearing the elastic on your wrist, and it looks so pretty with or without the elastic on it.  The short video below tells a little about the invention.

Depending on your budget for the hair lover, this might be a bit spendy for you, but a very clever invention all the same!  You can get your Bitter Sweet Hair Tie Bracelet HERE.

Bitter Sweet Hair Tie Bracelet

Or if you prefer to spend a bit less, I did some poking around online, and found THIS Stainless Steel Cuff Bracelet that is grooved and you could easily add your ponytail holder to it for a similar look for a bit less money!  It may not be as fancy, but it’d have the same purpose!

Sterling Silver Hair Tie Bracelet

Heatless Curls:


I obviously couldn’t make a list of things we love without mentioning Curlformers.  If you aren’t familiar with them, be sure to check out all our posts we’ve done over the years using them.  They’ve recently come out with a new “Deluxe” line of curlers which we’ve had the opportunity to use as well.  They are mainly just a great new color scheme perhaps for those who don’t want the bright vibrant colored curlers in their hair.

Curlformer Deluxe Pro Curlers Curlformer Deluxe Pro Curlers Curlformer Deluxe Pro Curlers

They are darker more subtle colors – half the curlers are a solid color, and half the curlers have a gold stripe running through them.  That’s how you know which way they curl.  We love THESE new Deluxe Curlformers  just as much as the older versions. Amazing Curls with Curlformers from #curls #curlformers #hair

If you prefer the brighter colors, you can still buy them HERE.  Curlformers truly are the best way to get curls without damaging your hair with heat.

Curlformers Deluxe Softhood Hair Dryer Attachment

Curlformers Soft Hood Dryer

This great hood dryer can be used while using Curlformers to speed up the process, or you can use it like you would under a salon hood dryer.  It’s great because it’s portable and hooks onto your hair dryer.

Curlformers & Curlformer Softhood Dryer If you ever do hot oil treatments or use hair masks, the hood dryer is a great addition.  It comes in black or pink.  Get your Softhood Dryer HERE!

Curls with Heat:

NuMe Magic Wand

Simple Pullback Style & NuMe Wand Review | #curls #hair #numestyle #hairstyle

If you’re looking for instant curls and aren’t worried about the heat, try the 25 mm NuMe Magic Wand.  We recently shared an easy tutorial and reviewed THIS NuMe Magic Wand.  We like the 25mm because it’s right in the middle of the curl sizes.  It’s not too big and not too small.  While it is a bit more expensive than the Classic Magic Wand, we prefer it because you can control the temperature rather than just having an on/off switch.

Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret

Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secrets

We don’t own an Infiniti Pro Curler, but I got to use one on my friend when I was down in Puerto Rico recently.  These are seriously awesome and even in the humidity, they got great curls!  I’ve seen these priced around $100 since they came out, but as of the time I wrote this, they are just under $70 on Amazon.  So if you’ve been eyeing this great hair curler – snag your Infiniti Pro Curler today over HERE!

Heat Protection:

Jatai Heat Shields

Jatai Heat Shields For those of you that love your curling wand or use other hot hair tools, one of the things you probably fear most is burning yourself!  Obviously that’s why most of them come with a protective glove.  But if you hate dealing with a cumbersome glove – I love these “Heat Shields” from Jatai.   Jatai Heat Shields Sometimes having your one hand totally covered by a glove is more obnoxious than helpful, and so just having the 2 fingers covered that you use for most of the work when curling is perfect.  These are latex-free and are water, heat and cut resistant.  I’ve only been able to find them on Jatai’s website, so you can pick your Jatai Heat Sheilds up HERE.

Hot Iron Holsters

If you aren’t familiar with Hot Iron Holstersthey are a MUST have for everyone.  They are fantastic for any bathroom (and they also have other sizes for craft and household uses) and they are perfect for putting your curling wand or flat iron in.  Hot Iron Holsters They are space savers as well as they protect your countertop.  They come in a wide variety of sizes (for other household uses) as well as a variety of colors.  Our favorites are the pink ones!  Holster Size Chart We did a review on Hot Iron Holsters earlier this year, so if you missed it, check out the review HERE.  You can buy your Hot Iron Holsters HERE.  You’ll never regret owning one of these … or two or three! 🙂

Hair Book

And naturally, this post wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include our book, “Amazing Hairstyles: From Easy to Elegant.”  If you don’t own yours, they are in select book stores in Utah, but likely the easiest way to get one would be to buy it HERE on Amazon.

Amazing Hairstyles Book Giveaway#1 from Our book starts with many basic techniques and then builds on those.  It has over 40 different hairstyles that can be worn for every day use or for those extra special occasions.  If you don’t own one, or want to get some for the hair lovers in your life, head over HERE and get yours today! Amazon has a hard time keeping them in stock, so don’t fret if it says they are running low or are out of stock! We’ll love you forever if you buy our book!! 😉

Stocking Stuffers / Smaller Items

Headbands & Hair Ties

My 13 year old loves headbands when she pulls her hair up into a top knot.  Truth be told she’s got a big head!  Which means not all headbands stay put on her head, let alone fit around her head!  She needs ones that are stretchy for sure!

No Crease Hair Tie Headbands We’ve found these No Crease Hair Tie Headbands are great for her head and are fun to add a splash of color to her hairstyles.  Buy a 10 pack of No Crease Hair Tie Headbands and keep half for yourself and give half to a friend!

All 3 girls like these No Crease Hair Ties, although I’ll be honest, we usually use them to cover up elastics or ponytail holders.  We use them more for an accessory than as the actual hair elastic! No Crease Hair Ties They make cute bracelets too (according to my girls anyway!).  Buy this 50 pack of No Crease Hair Ties and divide them up if you’ve got more than 1 daughter or lots of friends to buy for this year!  It’s a good buy for that many hair ties, and they come in solids and patterns so they match everything!

Bobby Pins

For years I’ve said, and also in our book I mention, having the right bobby pin makes all the difference in hairstyles.  If you buy your bobby pins on a strip of cardboard at the dollar store or the local big box store you have mediocre bobby pins which means your hairstyles won’t hold up! Supreme Mariana Bobby Pins

We LOVE these Supreme Mariana Bobby Pins and despite them coming in a 1 lb. box (over 700 bobby pins) I promise you’ll love them!  Besides, you can never have too many bobby pins! In fact, we were running low, and I recently bought a new box as I did all my Christmas shopping. Buy your box of Supreme Bobby Pins HERE today – you can thank me later! 😉

Topsy Tail

Despite these being around for ages, creating styles with a Topsy Tail has not grown old!  You can find these in most beauty supply stores, but sometimes it seems like they have a hard time keeping them in stock.   Topsy Tail

Earlier this year we put together a bunch of styles that can be made with a Topsy Tail, so be sure to check out our Topsy Tail Hairstyles post.  If you don’t own one of these great “tools” you should!  We have THIS one and it’s around $6 on Amazon.  It’s nice because it comes with a big and a small one.

Topsy Tail Hairstyles | #topsytail #flippedponytail #hair #hairstyles

Bun Makers

If you love donut/sock buns, everyone needs to own at least one donut bun maker.  They make the process so much easier and look so much nicer.   Donut Bun Maker Lots of girls that take dance are required to use these, so these are a must have.  You can also buy a multi pack of them HERE if you have several girls with different hair types and lengths.  We did a Ribbon Braid Wrapped sock/donut bun tutorial a while back, so check it out here. Ribbon Braid Wrapped Sock Bun from #bun #ribbon #braid #sockbun

There are also THESE Wrap Up Bun Makers that I’ve seen online and on Instagram.  The styles created with them are quite pretty. Wrap Up Bun

However, they don’t have as good as reviews as just a regular donut bun maker, but they are basically the same concept.  If you have longer thicker hair, I could see these being helpful.


For years we used Goody’s Clear Elastics and no one else’s worked like them.  Then for a while it’s like they changed how they made them and they’d snap & break all the time.  I was so upset I, along with many others, complained to Goody that the elastics didn’t work like they used to and they broke all the time.  Well, after not buying them for a long time, I decided about a year ago to buy a pack and see if they’d “fixed” things.  I’m happy to report it seems they have fixed the problem!

Goody ElasticsG  We love Goody Clear Elastics again and buy this multi pack of elastics because it comes with 3 different sizes.  You can find them at most stores, but they are also found HERE on Amazon.

Cutter Comb

We’ve found one of the great ways to cut elastics out of hairstyles is with THIS Cutter Comb from Gimme Clips.   Cutter Comb We shared a post with 5 Tools that Easily Remove Elastics, earlier this year  and this was among the ways to remove them.

Easily Remove Elastics w/a Cutter Comb - #hair #elastics #comb This is nice though because it’s combined with a comb, and if you buy the cutter comb HERE on Amazon it comes with elastics too.  This is great for mom’s as well as girls who do their own hair.

Snap Clip

For a while, those survival bracelets were all the rage, but I love this snap clip that is also a multi-functioning tool.  We don’t own one of these, but they look like a fun item to slip into a Christmas stocking — and then into your hair! Clippa Lady Mini Tool ClipD

There are silver ones like the typical snap clip, or this cute pink one. Snag your Clippa Lady Mini Tool Clip HERE.

Beauty Sleep

Also, hopefully it’s not a secret, but did you know satin/silky pillowcases are great for your hair and skin.  We mention that in our book, and will say it here again! Satin Pillow CaseM  If you deal with frizzy hair, wake up with a rat’s nest in your hair, or want to be able to get a 2nd day out of a hairstyle – get yourself a silky pillow case.  These Satin Luxury Pillowcases have excellent reviews on Amazon and come in 23 different colors.  I read about a bunch of different pillowcases, and these had the best reviews.  Price wise, they are not the cheapest or the most expensive which is great.  So give the gift of beauty sleep and snag your satin pillow case today!

PHEW!!  That turned into a lot of different ideas!  There are so many other great ideas out there, so feel free to tell us your favorites!  Hope you found something you might be able to give those hair lovers in your life!  So now onto the giveaway!  There are several different ways to enter, so use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter.  Giveaway ends at 11:59 pm MST 11/30/15, and the winner will be announced in my 12/1/15 post.



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