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3 Patriotic Hairstyles

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Stay tuned tomorrow for a quick & easy back-to-school style …

but I hope you’ll humor me for posting this for the “locals.”  If you live in Utah you know we get 2 fun & patriotic holidays in July.  We celebrate Pioneer Day here in Utah on July 24th.  That means more red, white & blue, fireworks & festive hairstyles.  These of course, can be used for the 4th of July too, but thought I’d throw these out for you if you are local, or for next year’s July 4th.  They are nothing earth shattering, but festive all the same!

I made our Double Braided Bun on Goose for this style.  I bought some fun 4th of July decorations at Micheal’s and decided to use them my way instead of for what they probably were intended!  I found some cute garland that had some flashy stars and wrapped it around her bun.  Then added a few pieces of tinsel on hair pins for this festive look.

Patriotic Hairstyles from (2)

Patriotic Hairstyles from (3)

 Then I made our Loopy Bun in Bug’s hair and added some fun “fireworks” to it.  Again, these were decorations that surely weren’t intended for hair!  They were wires with stars shooting off of them that were probably meant for some table top decoration!  I simply cut off different lengths of them & poked them down into her bun.  Quick & easy!

Patriotic Hairstyles from (4)

Patriotic Hairstyles from (5)

And last, but not least, I did a round 4 stranded braid and added that same garland I wrapped around Goose’s bun.  I used the garland as “ribbon” and used it as the 2 middle strands of her braid.  You can watch our video HERE on how to add ribbon into a round 4 strand braid.  Obviously it turns out a bit different with such big “ribbon.”  I then topped it off with one of the star hair pins I’d made for myself!  I shared those on Instagram HERE.

Patriotic Hairstyles from (6)

Patriotic Hairstyles from (7)

Patriotic Hairstyles from (8)

There you have it!  All ready to hit the parades, family parties and fireworks!  Happy Pioneer Day!

Patriotic Hairstyles from (9)

 Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for a new video tutorial that will be great for back to school & morning’s when you don’t have a lot of time!

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  1. Cara says:

    Bee’s hair has gotten so long and beautiful! I wish I had her hair, or Goose or Bug’s.

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